Saturday, December 31, 2011

This is it 2012. You're mine!

I figured I should do at least one more post on my neglected blog before the year is up.  This is said post.

I'm ringing in 2012 with positive thoughts that hinge on freedom.  Yes, this year is going to be my year, it has to be now that I've put it in writing.  I spent 2011 working away at my artistic voice, playing in paint daubs and mess making.  I discovered a menagerie of dialects but I know that I still have further work to do in order to become fully audible to myself and the world outside of my studio.

There was success this year in my exploration, in my taking of chances.  I took my first solo trip to meet up with a group of women I'd never met before to immerse myself in creating a "letting go" .  I spent three days with someone I've admired for a long time, someone who has inspired me to do what I love.  Taking part in one of her workshops has always been something I wanted to do.  I think 2011 gave me that, the kick in the ass to go for it.  Maybe 2012 is the year I put it all into play and finally get on with LIVING.  Living BRAVE.

I really shouldn't use the word maybe when trying to define this new year, which will arrive in one hour.  maybe never got anyone very far.  it's all about intent.  2012 IS the year i put it all into play, it's the year I quit my job.  There, I said it, wrote it.  Now i have to quit my job or i'll look like a sucker, like a pushover.  It's time to take more chances.  My brother-in-law is starting again, going back to school for something he has always loved and that inspires me.  As the cliche but ever so true saying goes, life is short.

I've layered on 3 fabulous earthy/witchy scents* to create an eclectic blend on my skin, something magical to float into the new year on.  I'm also sharing a beautiful bottle of champagne with my darling love, Damian, and our dear friend, Rob.  This bottle was gifted to us and to be honest, there's a second one waiting in the wings for midnight.  Again, a generous gift (from Rob himself).  I like to think that two gifted bottles of sexy bubbles is a good sign for what's to come in the twenty twelve.

I look with great forward to February of the new year as it holds a visit from across the world.  My wondrous Dad and Mom will be flying (how magical that sounds) from Australia for a visit.  It's always  so fabulous when we all get together.  I'm very grateful for such a fabulous family, for all four of my parents to get along so well.  There is a lot of laughter in my family, laughter and easy going spirit.

I tried to note down my top moments of twenty eleven but found it hard to think all the way back through the months, sadly.  Perhaps this new year I will jot them down as they happen.  As I get older I have to rely on pen to paper more than simple remembering.  Geez, i'm only going to be 35 this year... how can i be forgetting already?  Let's chalk that up to having a day job, i like to blame all negatives on having a day job.

A quick list of "tops":

~ purchasing my solo trip to PEI
~ the birth of my niece, Emily
~ my nephew, Sean's, first birthday
~ the Titanic canoe incident in PEI (i've never laughed so hard while the prospect of drowning in the sea loomed overhead)
~ winning a second place award in the first juried show I'd ever entered.  Also the first time I ever publicly showed my solo work.
~ Damian's faith in me and my work.  He surprised me with a bottle of Veuve after the awards reception.  He knew all along I would win something.
~ wandering and collecting along the shores of PEI, breathing in the salt air of difference.  I knew this trip would affect me.

I just know there are more.  I will have to leave it here though as midnight is in half of an hour now and I want to get some paint down before 2011 ends.  I want to combine two years worth of work into one piece *wink*

Here's to dreaming and making dreams come true.  I wish the best for all I love and know, for all who's eyes meet mine on the street in this coming year.  Twenty twelve might just be it if you believe the prophecies.  Make it count.


* scents created by the ever magically fabulous For Strange Women.