Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Newness abounds

I haven't posted since this little bean danced her way into the world back in December.  Tiny Dancer made quite the entrance and December 15th will be a day to remember (and not just because it's her birthday).  She also gained a real name that day too, Riley!  Riley Quinn.  She's a mischievous wee sprite, I can see that already in the glint in her eyes.

So anyway, change is in the works.  I'm working on a website to house my art and I'll have a brand new blog there.  I'm retiring Flying Whale and focusing on getting my work out there under my own name. Kinda makes more sense, ya know?  I'll post the deets here once everything is up and running and shiny and awesome.  I have started a page on Facebook in the meantime where I post images, news, etc.  Check it ya'll, spread the word if you'd like, invite your friends to love me *wink*

She still loves to dance.