Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Treasure hunting

sassy afro wig

Despite the fact that she keeps kicking me in the ribs, I figured I should clear a closet out for Tiny Dancer (her nickname, she's a mover & shaker and keeps my belly rockin') so she can keep her extensive wardrobe neat and tidy.  She's gonna have way more clothes than her Mum coz lets face it, little girl clothes are far more awesome than big girl clothes.

Anyway, today I tackled said closet.  It has been a storage unit since we moved into the house, the whole spare room has been really.  A place to put the "where should we put 'ems" I've been procrastinating this task for a long time.  Once I got into it things weren't all that bad, just look at some of the treasures I found!

 looks so natural, like REAL hair yo!

Wigs!  I found many wigs of fabulous styles.  Over many Halloweens we've managed to collect a nice assortment, you can never have too many wigs to be honest.

"Dot matrix with stereo sound" 

High end technical gadgetry.  Man i loved that thing, my sister and I each had one (she was more obsessed than I was, way better at it than me) and we brought them everywhere in their little carrying cases.


Of course Mr. Darcy had to see what treasures he could find as well.  He found a newly emptied shelf with only a couple of handmade sweaters remaining on it.  In other words, a bed.

P.s. look at the state of the sag in that shelf.  Mr. Darcy will have you know it is NOT his weight causing the issue, he will tell you that he is quite svelte and will direct your attention to the fact that  he stays far away from foods such as donuts and beverages such as beer.

 stop your envy right now!

The sexiest boots this side of 1986.  The Duckman would be proud!  Let's get another view of those beauties...


perish in a landfill, bastards

I also found MANY hangers, wire hangers forged by the devil himself.  I hate wire hangers.  They get all tangled up with each other and are just a general pain in my ass.  It's all about wood hangers people, nice sturdy, solid wood hangers. 

This is what gazed back at me before I started my quest.  The closet goes on beyond the door, to the right.  When you reach the end there's this mysterious box covered in carpet (the rest of the room is hardwood).  We discovered it when we moved into the house, it kind of creeped us out.  This room was used as the previous owners kids room so my Mum called it the punishment box.  Maybe it's where they sent their kid when he was bad.... to the back of a dark closet.  Nothing nightmarish or horror movie about that at all.

*question* is the Jason mask too much for a a little girls room?

Mr. Darcy likes it, I want to burn the evil ghosts out of it.  It may not look scary here, with a cuddly kitteh on it, but trust me, when you sit in there with the door shut and a row of clothes pushing you back further into the darkness..... well, it's not what I'd call a "happy place"