Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hot Wheels

Check out our new wheels, purrrr.  She handles like a dream and really opens up on the highway.  Seriously though, did I really just build a stroller?  I friggin did.  It was one of those "hit me" moments where i realized i was gonna be a Mum, gonna have a kid VERY soon.  Though it also means I can indulge in vino again VERY soon!  See those cup holes at the top by the handle?  Those are for travellers right, roadies?

Anyway, this little sexy wasn't too bad to put together.  I mean nobody is winning any literary awards for writing the instructions which consisted mainly of cipher-like images with "... snap" beside them.  As I attempted to figure out the exact angle they were trying to depict I began to rely more on my wits and that "snap!" sound for final outcomes.  Of course in all honesty it could be a user issue, I'm not much on an instruction manual kinda gal.  I usually try to put stuff together just by jumping in and chucking the manual to the side.  Damian suggested that maybe this time I could try using the manual since, after all, there would be precious cargo riding in it.  He had a point there.

As slick and modern as this hot ride is, I would still love to push the Tiny around in a spooky old, haunty, Victorian pram.  Still, this will do, it folds up pretty sweet and is much more practical for today's hustle bustle society.  Plus the car seat fits in it, snap!

Voila, avec car seat... and curious feline onlookers.  It didn't take long at all for one of the cats to end up chilling out in it.  Now I have kleenex boxes piled up in it so they don't get the seat all hairy.  Doesn't keep them out of the storage basket underneath though but that's fine, they can fort it up in there, that spot is just for the plethora of crap i'll be lugging around with me anyway.

I have to say that I'm shocked at myself for allowing me to take these photos in our kitchen.  You are now witness to the hideous cabinetry and linoleum floor I curse on a daily basis.  The joint needs a reno big styles!  Kitchen re-do is a big one though so it's on hold for a bit.  Besides, I think I did a pretty ok job masking the heinous with a Liz Taylor style vaseline vignette on the pics.  Romantic.

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