Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm supposed to have a baby today

 3 weeks ago - that belly ain't just from brews.  Illinois represent!

 3 weeks ago - channeling my inner classy dame

3 weeks ago - the "regular" me... with perhaps one more chin than i used to have (and no ass)

Today is the official due date but it would seem that Tiny Dancer has, unfortunately, acquired my time management skills and not Damian's.  If she were more like her Dad she'd be here today, no if ands or buts.  Of course the day isn't over yet, only 11:15am, she still has time to kick it all into gear.  Go for it Tiny, send me into that dizzing world of hurt and get it over with.  Trust me kid, the farther from Christmas your birthday is the better.

The nursery is all ready and quite cozy.  If i could fit in that crib I'd be napping there no doubt!  

 Mr. Darcy has claimed the change table AND the bunny on the change table (true love)

love that chalkboard 

i can see forts being made under the shelves

We just need to get some art on the walls and a baby in the crib and voila!  Oh, we also need to do the floors for real.  They're so busted.  The previous owners painted the entire flooring upstairs white, which i liked when we moved in, but over the course of 6 years it has flaked and chipped and looks super ghetto.  We just painted it brown for the time being and hopefully next year we'll be able to lay all new sexy flooring.

I also had some fun screen printing onesies.  I need to do more, get back into silkscreening, i love it!

So yeah, just sitting here blogging, listening to 'Of Monsters and Men', and waiting.  I have an ultrasound appointment this afternoon to see if Tiny D needs to come out STAT or if she can in fact cook a bit longer.  I can only imagine I'm going to see her in there reading Fifty Shades of Grey or watching The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray (coz if she's my kid she'll love herself a bit of Christian Bale fineness).  She'll be all "i'm cozy, shove off" and then i'll just stay pregnant forever.  I'd like my body back missus, please.

Oh shit, I still have to create a hospital playlist, need some tunes to scream over.  I don't have some novella of a birthing plan, my only "plan" is to get a safe & healthy baby out of me while remaining safe & healthy myself.  All I really want beyond that is music playing and a light atmosphere, people laughing.  I can pretty much scale any mountain as long as i have music and laughter.  Oh, and champagne.

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