Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jungle Bathing & Passion

Urban Jungle handmade soap by Future Primitive  

I just received the most AMAZING soap in the mail, seriously, this is what all of those mass produced crap soaps wish they could be.  there is nothing like handmade soap, trust me.  you know what's in it, it smells like magic, it softens & soothes the skin, and more often than not you buy it from the person who created it.  What could be better?

Tiggy is a true artist in so many ways.  She loves what she does, it's obvious the moment you open your package.  Just look at the beauty of the soap, the layers of colour are magnificent!  I'm in love.  She even has her very own branded parchment to wrap it in!  To think she does every bit of it... the researching, the experimenting, the creating, the marketing, the packaging, the shipping..... i'm drawn to people like this.  It's hard work but it's passion that keeps it going strong.  I find that true passion is a rarity these days which makes Tiggy's products that much more special.  

Genuine love for what one creates is felt by those who view, feel, experience it.  You can see through false attempt, heart is so important in creation, creating something you yourself love.  I had a drama teacher in high school who said to us during a dress rehearsal "do you see that lampshade there? it's slightly tilted.  the human eye will always be drawn to what is wrong".  This is so true, sadly, human nature tends to focus on the negative.  The positive to this negative is that when we stumble upon something truly heart/soulful we know it and it resonates, we know it's honest and rooted in love.

Here's to supporting the passion of others and creating our own self belonging!  Root yourself in true.

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