Friday, July 8, 2011

music & edges

thoughts while a painting dries:

1. oh how i love and need music, i can't do anything without music it would seem (i'm such a Pisces).  while painting i need just the right aura of sound around me. sometimes while working i'll feel "off", like it just doesn't feel right somehow. Often the cure to this feeling is a switch in music.  when i land on the right notes the air changes, the moment begins to feel right.  that happened tonight.  often i like to put on a 1920's radio station and skip around my canvas with nostalgia for a past life (i'm SO convinced i used to live there, it's another post altogether).  tonight that didn't fit.  i scrolled through my library and fell on adorable and poetic Joanna Newsom and then... then there was synergy!  *side thought* - do you ever combine pieces of people you are inspired by and paper doll them into someone you would like to be when you grow up?  Joanna is definitely a piece of my paper.

2. you know how i said i was waiting for a painting to dry?  i'm actually waiting for three edges to dry so i can paint the fourth.  as i was painting over the bits of colour that spilled over i wondered "why do i cover this up?"  i love those run over bits, they show the process.  if i were buying a painting i would want to see that, the process, i love the "behind the scenes" bits.  i guess i've convinced myself that painting it over in a nice solid colour (in this case it's white) makes it more "sellable", like most people would like to purchase something that looked absolutely finished.  is that bad?  i'm sort of torn there, now that i've analyzed it.  well, i'll finish these edges since i started but for future pieces..... we'll see.

I think it's dry.

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