Friday, January 13, 2012

Amuse Bouche

 You know my last post, about buying red lipstick?  Well that got me chatting with my friend Maria-Therese who also just started glamming in red.  She said "why don't people decorate their lips with motifs etc?" This got us into a little project, a lip art documentary project.  We're both artists so why not use our own faces as a canvas, or parts of our faces anyway.  The lips are such a sensual part of a woman's face and lend a small but lovely space for decoration.  It's another play in being BOLD!

This is my first attempt at creating lip art on myself (see one of Maria-Therese's here.  *side note* aren't her eyes simply gorgeous?!?!!)

My mind is a flutter with ideas, I've never been a make-up girl but i'm now longing to supply myself with a palette of palpable colours.

Another aid in my exploration of me, this project will help with my self portrait plan. It gives me a reason to take photos of myself.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

oooooh, a self portrait plan! YAY!
Would LOVE to see more self-portraits of you! Okay, today I went with plain red BUT I did dress up as Red Riding Hood, sorta. My face is really pale so my lips looked REALLY red and I had, well, a red hood. Wasn't until I had already run my errands and been to an art opening that I realised I should have carried a small basket instead of a messenger bag :-S

Flying Whale said...

LOL! You weren't hounded (no pun intended) by any wolves I hope