Friday, January 6, 2012


Above is the first painting i started in this new year of 2012.  It's drying.  It will be drying for a while.  I'm loving oils but i get restless waiting for them to dry.

I dove into the gorgeous oil set Damian gifted to me at Christmas and just played, fought the voices telling me I should have something in mind before i started, the voices that tried to control the brush and palette knife.  Many times I heard "you know that's total crap right?" and often I found myself believing it, yet i continued on.  I had to kindly say, out loud, to my inner critic "screw off!"  I mean what does it know anyway?  It's just a spectral thought, it doesn't even exist on a tangible plain yet it feels it can control me.  It's like a bully really, just power tripping, probably compensating for something it feels its lacking.  I know i'll continue battling with it, but I'm pretty sure I'll kick its ass.

I left the painting, as it looks above, and went downstairs to watch a movie with Damian.  When I came up to go to bed I peeked in on it to show it to D.  I liked it.  I just needed to see it with fresh eyes.  Amanda 1, inner critic 0.

I'm not sure what will happen next on it, it's an adventure waiting to happen... once the first layer is dry.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I think it's bloody MARVELLOUS and that you shouldn't do a thing more to it! Unless possibly in a digital version just to play around.

Flying Whale said...

it's always so hard deciding when to stop. i think i might leave it too, maybe just some little embellishments.